Fujifilm X Photographer!

Fujifilm X Photographer Ireland

Having recently sent Fujifilm some of my work with their camera, I am delighted to say they found me worthy of being associated with their brand.  I am officially a Fujifilm X Photographer for Ireland and the first female to do so!   Delighted would be an understatement !

I first picked up the Fujifilm before a month long road trip in California in 2016.   I had very little intention of carrying my heavy Nikon across the ocean, up mountains and….well, you get the point!  Mirrorless camera’s take out a huge weight from your bag and the Fujifilm managed to get even better, more colourful and tack sharp images…!  It did take me a while to get used the retro dials and “on lens” aperture.  There was some tantrums witnessed by some close friends!  Needless to say I was so impressed with the images I decided to move my entire system from Nikon to Fujifilm.   With a lighter bag and far better image results, I am free to take the camera with me everywhere.  Since doing so, I have taken some great shots in the most unexpected locations!  So, the switch to Fujifilm has proved a great move for me!

Here is a selection of images I sent to Fujifilm.

Fiona Madden Fujifilm X Photographer

Fujifilm X Photographers

There are so many camera manufacturers that are choosing elite class photographers to represent their brand and show off the camera capabilities.  Fujifilm has the X Photographer programme, which features photographers on a country by country basis, which they have carefully selected, to show off the potential of their X Series cameras.   I am totally humbled to be listed among these amazing photographers and delighted to be listed among just 5 other Fujifilm X Photographers from Ireland.

Fiona Madden Fujifilm X Photographer Ireland

You can check out my page on Fujifilm’s main website here

and see all the other Fujifilm photographers and their amazing work here

Now let’s see…. what’s next!

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