Capturing precious memories!


People now want family videography… yes it’s a thing!  Let me show you…

We all loved when Prince William and Kate (the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) released a little snapshot video of their family enjoying a day together in the country!  The memories they captured were enjoyed across the globe. 

A few years ago I started doing something a bit different filming families at home. I would just hang out and record what happens as part of daily life. This could be anything from homework to baking or even dinner time. It was real life. I recorded kids crawling, how they ran, and how to looked up at you!  Infusing some life into portraits I showed their personality, their facial expressions and cheeky grins. I have had a huge response to these videos, from tears of joy to ecstatic parents watching back 3 year later. It is a timeless everlasting memory that you and your family can cherish forever!    

Mother and daughter family videography Fiona Madden Photography


If anything the last few years have shown us is how precious time with family is Time spent with Granny and Grandad is precious.  Filming a day at granny’s house or time with grandad is the gift that keeps on giving.  A generational legacy that can be handed down through families for years to come.  You’ll remember how they played and interreacted with each other, how Granny loved and how Grandad cared.    

“The finished video was beyond our expectations!  We have watched it so many times and shared it with family across the globe”.



Are you the Mom with a full camera roll and constant videos of your kids?  The good news is, because you are hiring a professional videographer, now you can put the iphone down and have everyone included in the picture. Enjoy yourself and be with the kids.  I have vast experience with children and families alike. Kids normally mesh with me very fast and which allows me to seamlessly move around  and capture them unawares.  My style is candid, I wont ask you to pose or all stand together.  I am just here to film exactly what happens, unscripted and open.  My final edits are cinematic, fly on the wall style with a touch of sound here and there.

“I had forgotten how small their hands were, their tiny feet… I am filled with happy memories watching this years later “


Among the piles of washing, full dishwashers and homework… life is happening now folks!  Blink and you’ll miss it.  Let me come into your home and film a little time capsule of how life is.  You will absolutely love it, it’s a promise!



Ideal for newborns. 90 minute filming at your home. One minute file of your day with your new baby.

  • Cinematic short film
  • Music licensed Worldwide
  • Small file for sharing


Ideal for toddlers or primary school children. 3 hours with your family allowing for time at your home and an outdoor location close by.

  • Cinematic short film
  • Music licensed Worldwide
  • Small file for sharing
  • Short Vocals Recorded


Ideal for larger families on a day trip excursion or a trip to Granny’s house. Ideal for two location shoots.

  • Cinematic short film
  • Music licensed Worldwide
  • Small file for sharing
  • USB Presentation Case
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