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As a wedding photographer and videographer, I am the recorder of romance, love and admiration.  I am the eyes in which you will want to revisit your day from, the capturer of all love, passion and devotion.  And I confess… I am the HOPEFUL ROMANTIC!  The one that sees the love story, the friendship, the affection and the visual narrative that it has created between you.  

The key to wedding, portrait and family photography is someone who is willing to dive in and fully understand, see and capture the aspects of your love! 

Feeling comfortable with your photographer & videographer is crucial.  If you are at ease with me then I’ll get to see the best bits of you!  This goes for families, children and couples as much as anything. Children seem to be able to detect quite quickly that I am a worthy ally and supporter of not growing up, so we tend to mesh quite easily.

I often get the question about the style of photography and videography I like to undertake.  With regards to wedding video and films, I like to be cinematic. I love for the viewer to be able to see the love story without any intervention from me.  I love to be unnoticed and camouflaged with the wedding party. In the meantime, I am working in the background on creating a cinematic story for your day.  As for photography, I choose a very similar route of the ”invisible”. 

Catching your auntie laughing while she doesn’t see me or your niece dancing in the stairwell because she thinks nobody is watching, is exactly the style of photography and videography, I like to capture. I aim to melt into the background and watch the day unfold as it is. 


As the person who has the honour of recording your day, family or romance, I would like to make it clear of my unequivocal support for marriage for the LGTBQ community.  Ireland was the first country in the world to vote (overwhelmingly) to legalise Gay marriage by referendum. 

I will never forget the sea of colour from Dublin Castle as crowds poured into the courtyard as the results became clear!  This was a milestone achievement for discrimination in Ireland and lead to the start of an amazing journey towards equality for all. We made headlines around the world for being a compassionate, caring and inclusive destination to live in, for the LGBTQ community.  So as same sex weddings become the norm, I am delighted to say that everyone is welcome from my lens, regardless of your sexual orientation your religion, or your ceremony style! I am exclusively here for you and a delighted to be the chosen provider for your love story!


Should I hire a wedding videographer to record my day?   What’s the difference between wedding video and photography?  Which one should we have…? 

Both mediums have their own unique desirability.  Depending on your background, one media may appeal to you more than the other.  Pictures manage to display a moment in time, where as video manages to tell the entire story.

If you want to look back on a story of your day, filled with special moments, epic speeches and romantic wedding vows, then perhaps film is for you!   Photos are perfect and a must have media for your big day but I have never met a couple who regretted looking back on their wedding film.

I work and film in an unobtrusive, cinematic style of candid videography. I capture the key moments of your day in chronological order. The final film can be anywhere from 6-12 minutes long, depending on the guests and length of your day. I am not a documentary style wedding videographer, nah, that stuff just isn’t for me.   Romance is all in the cinematography people! I will record the speeches where possible and overlay them across the visual film so you will never forget what they said and how they made you feel.   

Drone videography is also a welcome addition in suitable settings. There is no better opener to your wedding video than a quick pan across your lovely venue!  Can you already picture it? If so… you want a wedding video! I am afraid I cannot do both video and photo on the same day. However, I do have some very cool people who can fill in the photography gaps! Just ask!


Whether you just have your wedding planner, location or your officiant booked, or have been meaning to get those family snaps taken for years, make sure your next booking is your photographer or videographer!

I have a package that suits everyone and can travel to you, whether you are near or far! Get in touch by phone or email, or if you prefer, use the form.

Happy Planning folks!


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