Automotive videography is a very specialised area of professional videography. This type of videography requires creating a short film putting the vehicle in the spot light. It is important to be able to deliver dynamic and engaging video content for vehicles. Speed, lighting, environment and utility are all important aspects of delivering the right film. Ireland has some of the most stunning landscapes and roads in the world, making it an ideal environment for manufactures to show off their latest models. Dublin has also an extensive range of locations for all types of city vehicles.

automotive photographer dublin ireland
Details, shadow and light. BMW M5 cs

An Automotive videographer uses the latest technology equipment to create a video that is as unique as the vehicle itself. From luxury vehicles to 4X4 and people carriers, a professional videographer knows how to choose an environment that suits the vehicle and display its character and ability to the highest standard. Whether you are the manufacturer or car dealership, each client will desire the best footage to attract potential buyers. Fiona has delivered an extensive range of video, commercial and short lifestyle film for many clients in Ireland such as BMW, Lexus, Mini, Mercedes and many more. Automotive Videography gives the viewer a more immersive experience, engaging the customers needs and desires in a quick 60 seconds.

If you have a video or film project you need brought to life, Fiona has the experience and professionalism required to show off every visual detail of your vehicle. Let’s get to work!

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