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Automotive photography or car photography is a very specialised area of professional photography. Photographers in this particular niche are specialists in capturing the best features of every car they work with. The photographer must have an understanding of vehicles, how they move and how to make them look desirable! Throw in the elements of colour, lighting, speed and audience and you have a complex array of needs for your photographer. Whether it is for the vehicle manufacturer or a car dealership, each client will be hoping to catch the attention of prospective buyers. Fiona has an extensive range of experience of all kinds of vehicles. Luxury and 4×4, as well as family and coupe. Her large portfolio of work has given her in-depth knowledge and skills to make any vehicle look good on camera!

Matching colours with environmental elements – BMW

Automotive photography must elude to the smaller details. Your photographer must have an impeccable eye for detail. Fiona works with professional equipment and delivers an excellent standard of imagery for all kinds of campaigns. Automotive photography will showcase each vehicle in its desired environment for a competitive and high quality results. Ireland and even Dublin has many locations nationwide to display each vehicle in it’s best light. Each car has character and a certain desirability that needs to be portrayed in each image. Environment is a huge part of this portrayal. Brand recognition is very important to customers. The Photographer aims to have the customer recognise the car brand without any additional graphics. Making sure the car logo is seen and known is an important aspect.

If you have a project that you need brought to life, Fiona has the ability and experience to deliver images that stand out in a busy automotive marketplace.

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