Gopro 7 is here!

Gopro hero 7 - Fiona Madden

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Gopro just dropped the Hero 7!  This is gonna be GOOOOD!!  As you probably know by now…I am a MASSIVE Gopro fan!  This year I was lucky enough to visit their headquarters in San Francisco and now they’ve just blown me away by sending me their latest camera! Thank you Gopro!  So …down to details!  Have you watched the video? Go watch it…get stoked…come back here.  There are 3 versions of the camera! Black (ultimate), silver and white!  The black version is capable of 4K video with 60 frames , super slow mo and  live-streaming, hyperlapse mode and seriously smooth image stabilization!  12MP photos and you can shoot RAW images.  Not forgetting GPS, face/smile detection, wifi AND…wait for it…it filters out wind noise! WHAT!?  Waterproof of course! All mounts and accessories are compatible with the older models and the battery is the same as the 6.  Exterior is more grippy, jet black and has “7” planted on the side!   Gopro say they are getting even more performance out of the latest chip as more RAM is boosting the performance.

Gopro Family- Fiona Madden -hero 7

As for this hypersmooth stability! Ill be checking that out real soon!  This is such great news, as sometimes a gimbal just isn’t possible! This dramatic improvement in stabilisation comes from inner stabilisation, which is done through image warping and slight cropping of the edges to compensate for camera shake.  Looking forward to testing this out!  If that wasnt enough, the black version can stream live to Facebook, youtube and Vimeo via the app!

Gopro Hero 7 is here!

Superphoto is next.  Basically the camera can detect the best way to use its in camera levels of functionality to help get you the best photo!  It assesses a scene, detects light and shadows and uses HDR if it needs to!  So colours, light and definition is all looked after for you! Results are…better, sharper images!  (Ill be looking forward to this the most as I love my pics!)

As for the other two models, the Hero Silver is quite like the Hero 6, as in it has 4k video @30fps and 10MP photographs, slow mo up to 60fps!  The Hero white shoots 1440p and both the white and silver versions are without the front LCD screen and the battery is not removable.  So the fun stuff is certainely all in the black but Gopro have given something for every wallet!

So go get your Hero 7 now!  Do fun stuff…post it…live it!   Use my affiliate banner above if you need to buy one RIGHT NOW! 🙂

Gopro 7 - Fiona Madden Family

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