Fire Evacuation Plans & Floor Plans In Ireland

green and white male gender rest room signage

Some additional services that I offer alongside residential photography and video are fire evacuation plans and floor plans. Fire evacuation plans became a regulation for landlords back in 2019 in Ireland. The Standards for Rented House regulations were updated at this time. It became the responsibility of the landlord of any rented apartment to provide …

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Visting Gopro!

Gopro hero 6 Awards Fiona Madden

Visiting Gopro’s headoffice was not how I thought 2018 would begin!! I have been the very proud owner of a Gopro camera since the Hero 2.  Almost 7 years, several thousand photos and a few Gopro’s later I’ve mastered this magic little box!  I remember always having such a dilemma between actually doing the sport …

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