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Use Wedding Videography to capture the precious moments of your special day


Should I use wedding videography to record my day?   What’s the difference between wedding video and photography?  Which one should we have…? 

Both mediums have their own unique desirability.  Depending on your background, one media may appeal to you more than the other.  Pictures manage to display a moment in time, where as video manages to tell the entire story.

If you want to look back on a story of your day, filled with special moments, epic speeches and romantic wedding vows, then perhaps film is for you!   Photos are perfect and a must have media for your big day but I have never met a couple who regretted looking back on their wedding film.

Same Sex Marriage Wedding Videography

I work and film in an unobtrusive, cinematic style of candid videography. I capture the key moments of your day in chronological order. The final film can be anywhere from 6-12 minutes long, depending on the guests and length of your day. I am not a documentary style wedding videographer, nah, that stuff just isn’t for me.   Romance is all in the cinematography people! I will record the speeches where possible and overlay them across the visual film so you will never forget what they said and how they made you feel.   

Drone videography is also a welcome addition in suitable settings. There is no better opener to your wedding video than a quick pan across your lovely venue!  Can you already picture it? If so… you want a wedding video! I am afraid I cannot do both video and photo on the same day. However, I do have some very cool people who can fill in the photography gaps! Just ask!


The following video is a short sample taken from a full Wedding video, which is personal and therefore cannot be shared in entirety. Thank you to the lovely Shannon & Sean for allowing me to share this with you. Their ceremony took place in the Mill House, in Slane on a beautiful summer’s day.

As you can see, it not only captures people, it captures their movements, personality and reactions! It brings the life into media and engages the viewer entirely in the full experience of the day!

“How do you make sure you capture the most important day of your life? You use people who know what they are doing and put their heart into what they do. Fiona was so professional, courteous and attentive to our brief and delivered above and beyond our expectation. Highly recommend and will be sure to use her again, but hopefully not for another wedding, one is enough!!! (if you know what I mean lol)”

I use professional cameras and equipment for all my shoots. The editing can take weeks and months of carving detail, emotion and story telling into one final edit. You will be provided with a final high definition file of wonderful memories and moments of your big day. The digital file will be provided to you in a hand made, customised USB case. So if you are busy planning your wedding day and you want a beautiful cinematic reminder of the day, please get in touch! I will create an immersive and mesmerising short film for you to treasure forever!

Contact Fiona now to discuss any requirements you have, she will be happy to chat through all of the options.

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