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Fujifilm X Photographer Ireland Fiona Madden Professional

I am a professional photographer based in Dublin, Ireland.

Passionate about recording life in pictures and video, I create media!

Looking at a photograph and immediately feeling the emotion,

adventure and memory of the occasion Is exactly what I like to achieve.


Gopro travel Europe Fiona Madden Professional Photographer


I live for sports and the great outdoors, which makes the Gopro one of my weapon’s of choice.

I also shoot with a mirrorless Fujifilm which has such incredible results.

    I live a fairly active lifestyle and will rarely be spotted without a camera in my hand or a Gorpo on a chesty mount,  or stuck to a piece of sports equipment! Joining the Gopro Family this year has been an awesome experience and long may it continue!

Dublin City
Mountain Biking French Alps

Camera’s are becoming more and more versatile and it’s opening up a new world of photography and videography for me.

This is my way of  sharing my love of photography and the great outdoors with you all!

Fiona Madden Professional Photographer

Gopro-Diving-greece-Fiona-madden Photography Professional
I love diving!

I hope you enjoy the site!

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Fiona madden Fstop Camera bags Partner

I am Ireland’s first female Fujifilm X Photographer.  You can find my profile here on the Fujifilm home page!

Fiona Madden Fujifilm X photographer Ireland

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Fiona Madden Revant Brand Ambassadoor Professional

I am delighted to be part of the Gopro Family and very happy to have been selected as an 8 time Gopro awards winner over the last few years!

Gopro hero Awards Fiona Madden Professional

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